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eeffoc's cafe -&- restaurant




welcome to
eeffoc's cafe  -&-  restaurant

 (302) 655-4959

Dine in -or- Take out
phone orders welcome & encouraged!

we are a family owned and operated coffee cafe -&- restaurant
. . . excellence in espresso drinks, coffee, and fresh food !

this coffee café was built from the ground up, by owners tim power -&- jonas miller. everything from the floors you walk on, to the walls that divide the dining room from the kitchen, from the food on menu and every specialty drink, was all created by these two men, and their family. these long time best friends started every morning at 'jonas millers butcher and bake shop' (now water street deli and bake shop) with a cup of coffee, that very morning cup of coffee was the start of one of their biggest and most successful business ventures yet. 

you may be thinking, what is with the name? eeffoc's - well clearly it is dutch because jonas is amish, right? wrong! well clearly it is gaelic because tim is irish, right? wrong again! well... clearly it is a clever way to curse, because tim loves to curse! no, no, no! (well yes, he does love to curse) but eeffoc's is simply... coffee spelled backwards (we know... your mind = blown!).

a little more about who we are -  eeffoc's café is not just business, it is a family. tim's two oldest children have worked in his businesses and since they were tall enough to see over the counter, and his youngest works there whenever she needs a new electronic device! tori, tim's middle child has her artwork decorating the walls of the café. jonas has spent every friday night aka pizza, two and a half men, and wine night, at the power residence for almost 15 years straight now, & ever since tori was old enough to drive she has driven jonas home to dover every saturday afternoon, which is now a treasured tradition, where they tryout new restaurants every week.   

stop in the next time you're in the neighborhood for a cup of coffee, a pastry, or to enjoy our great patio, or just stop in to see an amish guy make you your a latte! (that is something a big coffee or restaurant chain will never have on this café!) 

Check out our other location! Just a short walk from the Horizon Skating Rink on the Wilmington River walk!
eeffoc cafe in riverfront market
the riverfront market location is an adorable coffee kiosk

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